Mother Jones compiled this great video coverage from Saturday's United for Iran protest at City Hall, which reportedly drew thousands of participants. It was part of a Global Day of Action taking place in more than 100 cities worldwide, organized to call attention to civil rights violations following last months questionable election results in Iran. Event speakers at the local rally included 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi, CA senator Mark Leno, and former captain of Iran's national soccer team Parviz Ghelichkhani. Code Pink was also present, naturally.

United For Iran, which formed just a month ago, has accumulated thousands of supporters through grassroots activism and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Mother Jones reports that some feel the protests marked a "watershed moment in Iranian history comparable to the death of Martin Luther King Jr in the United States and Mahatma Gandhi in India." But despite the international protests, "it could be years before we know whether Iran will listen."

Check out SFist contributor Steve Rhodes' photos from the rally.