MUSIC: He might appear rather nerdy to those who haven't been fortunate enough to hear his music, but Jarvis Cocker's titillating voice and songwriting are sure to throw his fans into quite a tizzy at the Fillmore tonight.

9 p.m. // The Fillmore (1805 Geary Blvd) // $32.50

DRAG: The 1st Annual Miss $1.98 Pageant with Anna Conda and Monistat will bring the absurdity of beauty contests to a whole new level. Here's the run-down of events: Contestants receive a bag of bathing suits and have five minutes to change and prepare for the outdoor tricycle race. Meanwhile, Nana Borden will thrill the crowd with her idiot savant knowledge of Miss America title holders, past and present. After the talent portion of the evening, there will be a Taco Eating Competition sponsored by Juanita Fajita, followed by a Marcy Playground tribute featuring Anna Conda, Sheena Rose, Juanita Fajita and Diva of Disaster Marcy Playground. Then the pageant winners will be announced.

9 p.m. // The Endup (401 6th St) // $10

LECTURE: We apologize -- we posted this event in yesterday's SFist Tonight, but it's actually happening tonight! So, here it is again. Can organic farming and genetic engineering be harmoniously paired? In Organically Grown and Genetically Engineered: The Food of the Future, married couple Pamela Ronald, head of a plant genetics lab at UC Davis, and Raoul Adamchak, teacher of organic farming at UC Davis, will discuss how the two realms need to be combined in order to meet the appetites of the world's population without drastically hurting the environment.

7 p.m. // The Long Now Foundation (Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, Bldg. A) // $8.79