Yes, it's an inflated news story, if you can call it that. Just like San Francisco politics, it's a story that interests and affects journalists and their wonk pals more than the average citizen. But Supervisor Chris Daly's move to Fairfield has set real journalists hearts and keyboards aflutter.

As of noon today, the top three posts at SF Bay Guardian are devoted to Christopher's new zip code, which makes Daly the comeback story of the month. First, they call Chuck Nevius a "twit," slamming the scribe for using the supe's move "to attack the entire progressive agenda." SFBG Editor Tim Redmond's following post, more or less on the same topic, is a great read, appropriately poignant about the kind of transplant Nevius slams. (Offspring moment: Redmond's son seem nice, the very rare kind of kid who would probably stand up for you in class when you were being picked on, mercilessly.)

Then, on the other side of the Alt-Weekly War of a Thousand Years, Benjamin Wachs at SF Weekly points out that "Chris Daly's hypocrisy is real -- yet praiseworthy." He did it for his family, etc. (Offspring moment: Wachs also calls Bevan Dufty's daughter a political prop. Yipes!) And on Friday, Will Harper talked about Daly purposely ruining Chron's scoop on the "story." Heh. Sneaky.

Also, for some reason, City Attorney Dennis Herrera plans on visiting Daly's new crib. (Succulents and bath beads make lovely house-warming gifts, Dennis.)

Be sure to check out SFBG's comments on Daly's move. They've been burning nicely over the weekend.