Amdist threats of a crackdown on fun (and nudity, and lewd behavior), the fetishy gays and their fetishy friends gathered under an unseasonably warm sun on Folsom Street on Sunday for the annual Up Your Alley fair. It could be described as a dirtier, and gayer Folsom Street Fair, and this year's fair was no less dirty, and no less naked. But to the SFPD's credit, with the large crowd that gathered (estimated at 12,000), it was a lot harder to spot the exposed genitalia until it was too late. Here are a few pictures (several NSFW!), including a shot of our beloved State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano Senator Mark Leno in conversation with friends while wearing his trusty leather pants.

UPDATE: Our deepest apologies for mis-identifying Mark Leno as Tom Ammiano. Blame our drunk friend who pointed him out to us. Tom wrote in just to say, "That's Mark not me, it's safe to say that I've never been in Mark Leno's pants."