Anti-LGBT Carrie Prejean -- the former Miss California who was stripped of her title after using her crown to spread hate in lieu of doing her pageant duties -- has been offered a book deal. The literary effort will focus on her controversial Miss USA moment. Prejean has falsely claimed over and over that "she believes her crown was taken because of her stance opposing gay marriage" -- which, as it turns out, doesn't to be the case -- so she'll scribble about that. But screaming into a bag of sand about gays getting married landed her a career as her generation's Anita Bryant, so good for her. (Sure, it's a fast track to hell, spouting venom for fame, but it's money nevertheless.) The book, martyringly titled Still Standing, will provide Prejean an opportunity to learn the definition of things like the First Amendment. If you recall, a confused Prejean slammed many pro-civil rights advocates for being brave enough to respond to her bile. (See, Carrie, you are allowed to say whatever you want about whichever group of people you want, no matter how hateful or ungodly, but then other people -- get this -- are allowed to respond. That's sort of how it all works. Pretty cool, huh?)