Never one to be advantageous about a tragic situation, Supervisor Bevan Dufty put his heart on his Facebook page's sleeve following the Muni crash. Ahem:

Bevan Dufty is devastated by the tragic Muni accident in West Portal. My thoughts are with those injured and their loved ones. This cannot be acceptable and I pledge to be part of the City's review to make sure it never happens again.

That's funny. Because our thoughts were aimed at our mother who dared to interrupt your editor while he was out shopping for friendship bracelets at Fisherman's Wharf on Saturday with Beth Spotswood. (The crash made it on CNN, apparently, which rendered her hysterical about our safety.) Which we too found unacceptable.

Anyway, this heartbreaking update posted just before he sent out an invitation for a party at his house, in honor of homosexual Phoenix City Councilman Tom Simplot. Because sometimes the only cure for devastation is cosmopolitans with an openly gay AZ politician.