Forty years ago today, inside a Culver City movie studio, the lunar module parked on the alleged surface of the Moon, and out came a couple of guys who made history as the first human beings to land up there. The first one to emerge from the pod was Neil Armstrong, who made some sort of famous quote about baby steps and giant leaps and kind men, followed by Buzz Aldrin. Michael Collins, sadly, had to keep the engine running by orbiting above as the two men played with each other on the moon's surface.

The landing was a most historic event, one that everyone remembers where they were when they saw it happen. (Us? We were watching an episode of The Wonder Years. How about you?)

You can check out the Apollo 11 mission audio recording in real time, which NASA is playing in its entirety. Also, here are some swell moon images you'll want to check out, to get you in the mood. Wired has more anniversary info, and The New York Times has a fantastic 1969 timeline that's sure to get your boomer juices flowing.

Next up for human exploration? Mars.