What with venues like Flour + Water and food trucks serving tweaked for-the-masses fare for mid to upper echelons, it's next to impossible to find a decent, reasonable meal in San Francisco these days. And, no, oily taquerias don't cut it. The problem now borders on offensive. Sickening too. Alice Waters' idea of a tasty, healthy, "artisan" meal for everyone has hit the ceiling. Period. (And, let's face it, that is how she, and many others, would like it to stay.) What are we bemoaning about? Well, as Sex Pigeon so eloquently put it, "Please, someone. Open a cheap thing. Open a place that sells four-dollar sandwiches. Or three-dollar anything. Fancy is a lovely thing but we’re utterly glutted with it. Just be tasty, alright?, that’ll do." This will never happen. Food, one of very few basic human needs, is now kicking it in the VIP room. But if any reader has a suggestion that involves neither a bendy burrito nor a Starbuck's egg salad sandwich, Sex Pigeon would love to know. [via Eater]