More than any other issue of any print publication in town, we most look forward to 's Nude Beaches Guide. Why? Because, well, naked pics.

This year marks the issue's 35th anniversary of telling beach-goers where to get their pee pees and lady bits singed golden brown. Each year, though, as puritanical attitudes ebb and flow, so do the beaches and their laws pertaining to them. In addition to info on Bay Area public nudie spots, you'll hear about "increased law enforcement at San Francisco's North Baker Beach and the North Bay's Muir Beach; the closure of most state beaches; a court ruling that could force some beach-goers to suit up; and a possible push to officially designate several Marin beaches as 'clothing-optional.'"

What's more, each beach is given an easy-to-follow rating of A,B, C, or D. And there are plenty colorful pictures of attractive folks sans clothing for you to enjoy again and again and again and again. A great guide for rookie exhibitionists and/or the horny.

SF Bay Guardian