SFist posted last week about the lovely Huntington Park on Nob Hill, and commenter hthoms responded with an account of some pushy park rangers "abusing their power" by harassing park-goers with off-leash dogs, citing this SF Weekly article:

Unfortunately, this idyllic setting has recently witnessed an aggressive crackdown on dogs and their owners for leash violations by Sf Rec&Park Rangers. As many as 3 Park Rangers at a time are used to write a single ticket. One woman was even chased out of the park and down the street, where the Park Ranger attempted to force his way into her home as she fought to close her door.

Some members of the Nob Hill Association say that someone influential in the Association and SF government has sicced the Rangers on the unfortunate dog owners.

One Park Ranger told a park visitor: "Someone high up, who is our advocate in city government, told us to go here and cite people or risk losing our jobs."

Here is a thread of several more such comments.

Has anyone else out there encountered confrontations with park rangers? Honestly, we can't blame them for doing their jobs, considering having dogs off-leash is illegal in many parks.