Did you really think the sinking economy would sharpen the tacks over at CitiAparements? No. No, it has not. Matt Baume over at Curbed tells the harrowing tale of supposed squalor at one SF-based CitiAparmtents building, a story you'll want to tell over a crackling fire and fresh s'mores. It seems that a CitiApartmens customer allegedly ran into all sorts of trouble in her building every since the place went on the market. A few bits of alleged sadness: "they removed most of the garbage areas," directing tenants "to drop their trash in a nonexistent basket"; water was shut off for "two weeks" in parts of the building; and insect patrolling has stopped, meaning that "cockroaches have started taking over the lower floors." But the most jarring part of all? An apartment hunter looking at the place was "quoted $1,495 for a 350-square-foot studio." Chilling. Read more about it over at Curbed. (They've got photos too.)