CBS5 reports that at least five Bay Area pregnant women in their early third trimesters have been admitted to intensive care units due to complications with the H1N1 swine flu. Two of the women are no longer in ICU, and all of the fetuses appear to be fine. Some of the women were apparently in perfect health before contracting the virus, and others had unnamed underlying conditions.

According to CBS5, the Center for Disease Control said many pregnant women who are infected with H1N1 will not have a problem, but pregnant women are more likely to get sick in general and have more serious problems with seasonal flu, due to lowered immune systems. The Center for Disease Control has info on how to avoid contracting the virus, swine flu symptoms, and what to do if you get sick.

The World Health Organization declared the swine flu a pandemic on June 11, and many fear that the virus will mutate and come back even stronger in the fall and winter months, which is what happened with the flu pandemic in 1918.