Ack! Who would do this?

Let's back up for a second: the SF Bay Guardian van, famously featured on the cover of their 1999 Best of the Bay issue, was stolen last night. Which: mean!

According to SFBG editor Tim Redmond, "Somebody broke into the Bay Guardian parking lot last night, rammed through the chain-link fence and drove away with our van." While the "value is probably more sentimental than economic," it was still a downright dumb thing to do, robber(s). The van is ten years old, so parts can't be valuable. What's more, people will get suspicious at the sight of you barreling down I-280 in a van with massive SFGB signage covering it.

Anyway, if you've seen it or know of its whereabouts, please call the SFPD burglary until at 415-553-1261.

SFBG has more on the story.