by Chris Jones

Unsuspecting pedestrians and MUNI patrons should be warned that tonight's Critical Mass ride may be a little more celebratory than usual. Last night the San Francisco Planning Commission voted unanimously to certify the EIR for the City's Bicycle Plan. You may recall that three years ago the City's Bicycle Plan was placed under injunction pending completion of an EIR, thanks to the efforts of a couple crazed neighborhood NIMBYs lead by local anti-bike menace and perpetual District 5 supervisorial candidate, Rob Anderson. Since that dark day so very long ago, only cruddy bicycle infrastructure improvements that were already approved were allowed to move forward. Once the Bicycle Plan has finally been adopted, cyclists can expect the beginning of major improvements to city streets, including the addition of 34 miles of new bike lanes, bike oriented traffic signals, and colored pavement for some lanes. Yay Bike Plan!

Next stop, the MTA, where this morning the board will vote to adopt the EIR findings and the Bicycle Plan itself. It's anticipated that the meeting will be fraught with emotion as the same local crazies who opposed the plan in the first place are expected to show up, tear off their blouses ala Code Pink, and holler for automobile justice (and freedom for Mumia) before being dragged from the room, kicking and screaming that the Bike Plan is bad for children and other living things. Should make for high quality theater. Stay tuned for details.

Update: The meeting is being streamed live here. Thus far, it looks like bike fans are dominating public comments. The Bike Plan should be a shoo in