Billed at the "first X-rated app approved by Apple," the folks in Cupertino gave the green light to’s MyVibe vibrator application. Sex researcher Dr. Debby Herbenick, according to Gizmodo, gave it the thumbs up.


But how does it work? Would a woman have to ruin her iPhone by shoving it deep inside her flower to reap the benefits? To find out more, SFist asked a real-life woman -- complete with a vagina, girlish giggles, feelings, and chipmunk-like sneezes -- who filled us in on sex toy operation. (SFist made the decision to keep her anonymous in order to protect her honor and resale value.) How, exactly, would MyVibe work? More to the point, how do vibrators work on lady bits? Said person of the female persuasion told SFist, "It depends on the vibrator, but, typically, it's rubbed just on the clit."

After recovering from a sudden fainting spell, we went on to ask her if she would ever use the MyVibe app. "No," she said.

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