While we typically roll our eyes at comments and opinions that call for the death of people who do stupid things, this is one case we might consider. You see, two ladies who took turns beating Oakland resident Melissa Seals last month called KMEL to brag about it. After taking turns brutally beating Seals at her Oakland salon and videotaping the entire thing, because Seals' ex-boyfriend allegedly asked them to do so, the two mental giants went on-air and had the following conversation. Ahem:

Sana G (KMEL DJ): "Which one was the one doing the karate kicks to the face? Was that you?"

Caller #1: "Right here, this my sister."

Caller #2: "... that was me, man. That b---- deserved everything they got, that she got. And if you would have been there and on the situation, you would have respected it."

According to ABC 7 (who has raw footage of said beatdown), the "respected" decision to beat the woman came about after Seals had the gall to talk about what whores they were to salon clients and their family.