Oh God.

SF Chronicle's City Brights, a last-grasp kind of web-log that features local "luminaries" writing about their mental bowel movements, has a new member to the team. Two of them, actually: Peter and Billy Getty, marginally famous heirs to the Getty fortune. And aside from bringing the likes of Vanessa Getty (San Francisco's real First Lady) to public consciousness, their contributions to life have, at best, been minimal.

Their latest minimal effort is called "What the Butler Didn't See" They write about being rich but not that rich (if you know any SF society ilk, this is one of the first things they feel the need to tell you), talk about having their own private box at AT&T Park (which they simply loathe), getting pooped on by a underaged sex slaves, or whatever it is rich folk do.

Here's a sample:

By the way: there are slews of people richer than we are, just in this neighborhood. We're more famous for being rich than we really are rich. But we have enough to belong to the leisure class, meaning we get to spend very little of our time doing anything we don't feel like, and we have means to sample, if not to gorge on, pleasures that most people, sad to say, won't likely ever share in — things like yacht trips and safaris, ludicrously expensive wine, and private jet travel.

As Gawker pointed out today, their Ben Affleck-poking-fun-at-his-own-image-on-SNL-ish self awareness shtick isn't doing anyone any favors. Read Bill's bio if you want to throw up. (In the their defense, though, neither Bill nor Peter front that they adore going to poopholes like Zeitgeist, or claim that they really, really want to help the SF hobo population. So, you know, there's that.)

And, yes, we're jealous of their comparatively massive wealth. And, yeah, we'll probably read them on a regular basis.

Oh God part II: SFAppeal has word that SFGate also disabled the comments, so that the Getty's petal-soft feelings aren't hurt by the riffraff. To which we say: Grow a pair, boys. We promise you'll be the better for it. (For reals, Chron/Getty brothers, you need to turn them on; it's a blog, not the VIP room at Le Club.) And SFBG's Tim Redmond weighs in on it too.