Supervisor John Avalos has a plan to help fund cash-strapped San Francisco. He wants to tax alcohol. According to SF Examiner, Supervisor John Avalos plans to ask our city attorney to draft legislation today that would "impose a fee on alcohol," a small fee that could "offset city costs related to the consumption of alcohol in San Francisco." While he couldn't say what the exact amount would be, he's thinking of possibly tacking on "5 cents for a beer, a larger fee on a bottle of wine, and an even more for hard liquor."

Would this be a good thing? Yes, yes it would. The Marin Institute, a booze-industry watchdog, claims that alcohol "takes a large toll, tens of millions of dollars, on The City’s resources. Emergency-room visits, fire department responses, traffic enforcement and the adjudication of alcohol-related crimes are just some of the expenses." Annual revenue accumulated from this tax proposal could reach anywhere from $16 million to $25 million.