Although he brought this up over a year ago, SF Chronicle's Michael Bauer needs discuss it again. Because nothing has been done about it. What on earth are we talking about? Perfume stink in restaurants. Bauer hates it; in fact, he even has a strict no perfume policy in the Food & Wine department. As he explains, "To me it's almost worse than secondhand smoke. I've had clouds of stinky floral perfumes engulf me as I try to enjoy my meal. Not only does everything end up tasting like a truckload of gardenias, I leave with a headache." Which: true. (Though, we have to add, it's not nearly as bad as Castro trash who sport tank tops and/or flip flops at eateries, which are acts of hostile selfishness.)

However, seeing as how your editor can't leave the apartment without a dab of Tom Ford's "Tuscan Leather," and consider perfume allergies with the same seriousness we do Repressed Memory Syndrome and fibromyalgia, our feelings are mixed on this one. But what say you, readers? Should there be some sort of ban placed on fragrances at restaurants?