San Francisco Assessor Phil Ting is starting a campaign to amend Proposition 13, the 31-year-old ballot measure that limits the increase of property taxes statewide to 2% a year. He argues that corporations no longer should reap the benefits of a measure that passed in order to keep seniors and the disenfranchised from losing their homes. He says the ads that aired before Prop 13 passed "never talked about Disneyland, or Universal Studios, or Sunset Records getting the same kind of protections that Grandma or Grandpa Smith would get."

It's a bold argument for solving the state's budget crisis, and not a bad one. But if it means writing another convoluted ballot measure no one's going to understand in a mid-term election no one will vote in, then we doubt it will pass.

Here's Phil's interview with KQED:

UPDATE: Commenter urbanic provides us with the Facebook fan page for Ting's campaign.