Restaurants are shuttering like mad these days. Because people are poorer. But it's your job, hungry/employed consumers, to keep San Francisco's top-tier food reputation going strong. So, why not check out some of SF's esteemed eateries on a rare Monday night out on the town, via SFist's new Monday food feature?

  • The Mission's not-so best kept secret, Bar Bambino, is open on Mondays starting tonight. Be sure to check out Monday Night Suppers from 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. According to their press release, "Our fixed-price menu will feature elegantly rustic Italian fare, served family style." Plus, the wine will flow liberally, "served by the quarto litro (1/4 liter)." Which is a bizarre volume unit with which we are unfamiliar because we're from the US of A. Cost: $35 per person; wine, $10. (Bar Bambino, 2931 - 16th Street)
  • According to Marcia at Tablehopper, Left Coast Smoke, a mobile BBQ feast, will help you shove pulled-pork sandwiches down your throat. Open wide at Shotwell's tonight from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. (Shotwell's, 3349 - 20th Street)

  • Marcia goes on to report that Incanto has a "cucina povera menu," featuring three courses for a mere $30 (or $39 with wine.) "It will change each week, featuring a different region for both the food and wines." (Incanto, 1550 Church)

  • Since San Francisco's only location is in Fishermen's Wharf, we can't recommend going to In-N-Out to grab a couple of Double-Doubles and a strawberry shake. (For reals, skip the fries so that your stomach can handle the extra burger.) Instead, due to Michael Bauer's admiration of it, we're going to recommend Popeye's chicken for some Louisiana love. Yay, fried poultry! (Four locations: 2598 Mission, 890 Geneva, 599 Divisadero, 1426 Fillmore)