Aw, recent college graduates. Aren't they adorable? They're younger than you, they're prettier than you, they believe in things, they can drink more than you, and they will steal your jobs. Take, for example, this recent Cal grad who created an awesome solar-powered graduation cap. But it's not just any solar-powered cap; it's a sustainable, green cap. According to Daily Clog's Christine Borden -- congratulations on the big day, Christine; you will be missed deeply! -- this chapeau comes "complete with grass paper (astroturf probably causes global warming or something), a solar panel, a wind turbine, a small house and a mechanical rising sun."

The hat's creator, Roland Saekow, says that "while not true generation, it helps to demonstrate renewable energy at least." Saekow, who majored in Product Design through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at Berkeley, hopes to work on "green sustainable products" in the future