Oh look! Another ad from Supreme Master TV, one that will, hopefully, bring you nobility and spirituality. And this one is in massive billboard form, found above Harrison between Fourth and Third streets.

Speaking of San Francisco's favorite, veggie, sort-of cult-ish religion, we've been getting updated comments on our original post about Supreme Master Ching Hai. One commenter, "Zelda," said, "My sibling is currently involved in helping with her web TV station. My family is very worried about her and wish to bring her back home which will take planning on our part. I am wondering if you were part of her cult at one time or know of any ex-supreme master ching hai followers. We are currently keeping in touch but know she is not telling us everything. Thanks."

Anyone else know if, in fact, Ching Hai is preparing a cyanide-infused kale tofu frittata to serve to her followers, or what?