People offer up everything under the sun in Craigslist's free section, including random junk like a bottle of dish-washing detergent and the saddest wheelbarrow ever (too ugly for photos, the ad says). Also available are a gutted old-person scooter that needs a new tire and battery and 2,000 photos of tourists to potentially be cut up into collage masterpieces.

On a sad note, an Alzheimer's/Dementia community in Danville is being forced to give away their two cats, Meeko and Daniel, due to residents with allergies.

One can also find a plethora of free services when scoping out this section regularly. A student at the Pacific School of Dentistry is offering free dental fillings -- no rotting teeth, please. ABC's "The View From The Bay" is seeking people for their LIVE studio audience on June 16! Get free tickets to tonight's performance of Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit. An Aveda student is offering a free hair coloring tomorrow, and new customers get a free shampoo/blowdry by Olivier at Maiden Lane Salon (isn't that usually included with a cut anyway?). Last but not least, score some free portraits by a photographer seeking to expand his portfolio.