In addition to the meth cloud that hangs above Beck's Motorlodge -- we kid! sort of. but not really. -- Supervisor Bevan Dufty would like to create a pink cloud that would float over the intersection of Market and Castro streets. The idea, according to SF Chronicle, "is recycled from 2000, when artist Christian Werthmann's 'pink cloud' was one of two winning proposals for a city art piece to commemorate the late Harvey Milk, a supervisor and gay rights advocate." (Here's what it would look like.)

But the problem is, because there's always a problem when it comes to public art, some people like it, other loathe it. The latter fear the cloud will impair drivers' vision along Market Street, creating some sort massive car wreck, or that the cloud will blow away. Also, the report goes on to say, the San Francisco PUC is "paying Werthmann $9,500 for a feasibility study, which should take about three months," (!) to test wind and traffic patterns.

Needless to say, we love the idea of floating art. Really, this sounds futuristic, space age-y, and cool. But what say you? Where do you stand on the hot topic of pink clouds? After the jump, take our poll to let your pink-cloud voice be heard.