The endearingly batshit auteur who brought us Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and most recently, Inland Empire, is up to something new: a web-based series of interviews that appears to be a kind of video portrait of America, maybe in a Walker Evans or Diane Arbus vein. In the 'About' video, Lynch gives little elaboration about Interview Project, and deadpans things like, "The people who were interviewed each was different." The first episode, which premiered yesterday, is an interview with Jess, a wizened old dude who was just sitting by the road in Needles, California waiting for his trailer to be repaired. We're imagining more Lynchian characters like him, straight out of a non-sequitor moment from one of his films, but this project is being helmed by Austin Lynch, David's 26-year-old son and maybe will take on bigger themes as it progresses. It was shot over 70 days and 20,000 miles as the team went across the country and back again, and there will be a new episode up on the site every three days.