Tamara Palmer at SF Weekly revives the OMG-I-TOTALLY-LOOOVE-BACON-TOO trend with a top-five list of surprisingly tasty-sounding bacon-based sweet treats. All of which you can find here in San Francisco. Palmer counts down with: 5) Bacon marshmallows at Perbacco, 4) Peanut butter-chocolate-bacon cupcakes from 4505 Meats, 3) Maple-bacon latte at Pirate Cat Radio, 2) Lori's peanut brittle at Humphry Slocomb, and 1)... well, you'll have to read the original post to find out what won the top spot. However, not every reader is thrilled with this meaty list. As SF Weekly commenter "Shannon" complains, "This makes me really sad. Dessert is the last bastion of the vegetarian. This is a lazy choice for chefs and bakers; you don't need to add bacon to make something salty-sweet. I expect more from our creative Bay Area cooking community."