Tommy Craggs' brilliance is back. Hurray!, is right. Now writing for Deadspin, the former SF scribe has a nifty new feature, "Why Your Stadium Sucks." And he starts things off with San Francisco's twee AT&T Park. Some of his problems with the park known more for its garlic fries and artisan coffee than for its team? It's a throwback ballpark, for starters. "These throwback ballparks are the brick equivalent of a Ken Burns documentary ... a window not on any actual history but on how baseball wants its history to be seen. It's a lot of infantilizing crap," clarifies Craggs. Another point of contention? AT&T Park chronically claiming that it's the first privately funded ballpark in the U.S. Which is true, he goes on to say, "if you don't count an estimated $25 million in municipal fire, police and garbage services; $33 million for the land itself, donated by the city; $83 million in property-tax exemptions; and on and on." Anyway, he has more excellent points that make his case. (Spot-on stuff, Craggs.)