Cintas Corporation, a company that manufactures poo and pee toiletries, is having their annual America's Best Restroom Competition. And the Union Square Macy's 6th floor crapper made the top ten. Yay!

Although females neither urinate nor defecate -- because that's unlady-like -- for some reason they feel the need to have their own bathrooms just like men. (Blame it on women's lib penis envy; we see no other reason.) See, ladies digest food and drink into perfume, sunshine, and lollipops, so public restrooms setup for them are typically more flowery and impressive than bathrooms for men. That's why Macy's female restroom is so smashing.

The contenders are:

  • Macy's Department Store: San Francisco, California, 6th floor -- "Art deco design, featuring Italian marble, chandelier with carved ceiling medallion, and full-length stainless steel stall doors.
  • Shoji Tabuchi Theatre (Branson, Missouri): "Marble fireplaces, hand-carved mahogany pool table, antiques, lion's head sinks, leather chairs, stained glass and chandeliers."
  • Radio City Music Hall (New York, New York): Designed in the early 1930's, restroom and lounges feature classic tile work, art deco furnishings and unique materials, including cork- covered walls.

  • Canlis Restaurant (Seattle, Washington): Zen-like atmosphere, featuring handmade organic wall coverings, designer fixtures, Japanese art, with large picture windows overlooking garden.