by Moses Namkung

San Francisco guitarist Johnathan Rice said as he strummed the opening to "See Fernando" to kick off the evening, "it may not be legal for all of us to marry... but it isn't illegal for all of us to be in love with Jenny Lewis!"

Don't rub it in, Johnny. We know you're dating her.

We've always liked catching Jenny and her musical collaborations in concert, stretching back to when we first saw her with Postal Service in 2004 at Sasquatch. A lot of Acid Tongue and Rabbit Fur Coat didn't really pass muster on recording and we found ourselves often trying to get past the tedium, as we thought, for someone as gifted as Jenny, you would expect music that has a bit more in the way of staying power. But both albums are easier on the ears live, and the Vegas-born redhead gave thorough treatment to her solo work over the course of the set and also played two new, upbeat songs.