Crazy-acting, "curvy" lesbians with face tattoos getting arrested at prop 8 protests be damned. We love the SFPD today. Why? Because of this story. See, according to SF Weekly, a "frantic" man flagged down an officer, "beside himself over his lost cat, 'Fluffy.'"

And if you love pets like members of your family, you relate to Fluffy's papa. (In fact, you might even lose sleep on a regular basis worrying whether or not your cat may one day runaway, escape while you're on vacation, get lost during a post-earthquake evacuation, or worse. Also, more likely than not, you might be chronically single because of this perfectly natural obsession.) Missing for over a month (no!), the man heard his cat howling from inside an abandon house in the Taraval hood, and the police officer went into action. The SFPD cop, Patrice Scanlan, "phoned Animal Control -- but was informed that the service couldn't spare anyone at the moment. So she called a San Francisco-based locksmith, who popped the house's rusted lock," soon thereafter finding the cat cowering "under the oven in an upstairs kitchen" (weep, weep), thus making the world a better place. So, congratulations, SFPD Officer Patrice Scanlan. You are officially an awesome human being for life.