Want to see to what certain SF public officials are landing a year? Of course you do. Business Insider came across a handy chart (based on this database) that lists the yearly salaries of public servants. the info is from a couple of years ago -- thus: yes, it's old news -- but since we cannot digest any info that isn't crafted into easy-to-read cells, we assume the same goes for you, readers.

A few things to note:

  • SFFD Captain Edward Arce makes nearly $20,000 more a year than Joanne Hayes-White.
  • SFMTA executive director Nat Ford is making $300k+ a year. Of course.

  • There are three cops making more than habitual police chief Heather Fong. Why? (Besides the obvious, that is.)

  • These numbers are from the 2007 calendar year. The data was provided by the City of San Francisco's Controller's Office, which includes regular pay, overtime and "other pay," i..e., "compensation for special working conditions or one-time pay-outs of unused vacation and sick leave to employees leaving the city."

  • How can we land over $200K worth of overtime, Christian Kitchen?

  • More cuts can be made, Arnold.

Check out the chart of public servant salaries in its entirety after the jump.