Due to the erection of the new Transbay Terminal, Varnish Fine Art will be smashed to smithereens. Alas. Varnish Gallery, for those of you who don't know, is fantastic. The downtown wine bar/art gallery played host to readings by "jt leroy" and Karl Soehnlein, biweekly performances by Davies Symphony Hall darling Mason Bates (DJ Masonic), SFist's very first party, and provided lots and lots of free booze to your editor.

Open by Jennifer Rogers and Kerri Stephens back in 2003 and using the remains of a brewery built just after the 1906 earthquake, the result was a spiffy space that included a main gallery, mezzanine gallery and wine bar that combined fine art with a community vibe.

Anyway, it seems that that some city folks are knocking down the building soon and want them out by September -- word is that said city folk aren't being too nice about it either -- so they're having a fun going-away party with musicians, speakers, performers, and more. The list so far includes spoken word by the Dead Kennedys frontman and activist Jello Biafra, recent Vice Presidential candidate and former SF Supe President Matt Gonzalez, newsman and Argonaut Editor Warren Hinckle, music by Burnt House and DJ Evil Justin, live screenprinting by Political Gridlock and The Firehouse. But you don't have to be a raging male, commie-pinko to come -- oh, we kid, boys. Kinda -- all are welcome at next Friday's Varnish Gallery farewell.

What: Varnish Gallery's Eminent Domain Farewell
When: Friday, June 5, 7 p.m.-midnight
Where: Varnish Fine Art, 77 Natoma, SF
Why: This.