Has anyone else been peeved by the "Angels & Demons" graffiti marketing effort that's recently decorated the paths in Dolores Park? Doubtless some clever marketing firm who specializes in "non-traditional" or "guerrilla marketing" convinced Sony Pictures that their new DaVinci Code sequel could really use some of their ultra-hip techniques to spread the word to that coveted 18-34 demo, and they were going to do it by spray-painting the title of the film on sidewalks in places where said demo hangs out. (We know we're buying into their crap by even posting this, but we are expressing our quiet protest by not linking to the film and by gently discouraging all of you from seeing it). Our questions are: a) Has anyone ever decided to go see a movie because they saw the title spray-painted in their favorite park, and b) does that shit wash off?