This kind of behavior flies in the Mission, is par the course in the TL, and is sometimes OK in the Castro during a particularly drunk Pride weekend. But armed robbery is most certainly not typical in downtown San Francisco. See, a little after midnight on Sunday, Jonathan Dyson was arrested for armed robbery. According to CBS 5, "[a] 30-year-old man had gotten off of work and was walking on Montgomery Street when he noticed two men walking a short distance in front of him ... the two men then stopped and when the victim walked past them, one of the suspects stepped in front of him and pointed a gun at him, demanding property." Mere blocks away from the Ritz-Carlton apartments? Unacceptable! The unidentified victim was uninjured, and managed to call the fuzz a few blocks away, after the robbery occurred. Jonathan Dyson was busted for "attempted robbery, threatening with a weapon, carrying a loaded firearm, and possession of a concealed firearm."