In a week or so, the opening of a public space in the Castro (!) will unfold. The small stretch of street where the F-line stops on 17th Street between Hartford and Castro streets will be blocked off from traffic, creating a small spot for passersby. Andrea Aiello, executive director of the Castro Benefits District (CBD), said, "I think that it will provide a place where people can congregate and have a sandwich or a cup of coffee. It will provide an outdoor destination; it's a great people-watching place. I think it will also encourage more foot traffic to the neighborhood."

Sandwiches AND a good place to put your penis inside someone's bottom. Oh, we kid! Sort of.

Scott Wiener, president of the Eureka Valley Promotion Association (EVPA), said that while "[t]here are concerns that the 17th Street Plaza may attract homeless people as well as intoxicated people when the bars close” and that "17th Street traffic will be diverted onto Hartford Street, which is a narrow residential street not designed to accommodate significant traffic," the need for any type of public space in the hood is needed, one that goes along with the Castro's "beautification plan."

Also, the Chevron station at 17th Street also agreed to lose the driveway for the plaza. Now we play the waiting game to see if this magical plaza actually happens, or turns into Tweaker's Corner.