The always filthy Up Your Alley Street Fair (a.k.a. Dore Alley) -- which is sort of a smaller, gayer, more distilled and urine-soaked version of Folsom Street Fair -- is being threatened with a loss of permit by the SFPD if fair organizers don't crack down on public sex and nudity at this year's fair. The threat stems from complaints by two individuals about last year's event, one of whom put together an entire website devoted to the many disgusting sights he witnessed (and photographed), including a man multiply peed upon by his friends, and another man jacking off out his third-story window onto the crowd.

The cops and the city always tend to turn a blind eye to this stuff, because this ain't no kids' parade and this is sex-positive San Francisco, but this year it sounds like fair-goers may have to keep their penises and saline-injected ball sacks in their pants, at least while under the watchful eye of patrolmen.

If you dare, you can see that concerned citizen's EXTREMELY NSFW and fairly unappetizing photo gallery here, or just a couple still NSFW but click-deep shots, with commentary, here.