Better than anyone would have ever expected, San Francisco local government received a (very generous) C+ grade on its annual survey. The city polled around 2,700 residents between January and March, and its findings released today. While it would have been nice to see SF citizens score their leaders somewhere in the 'gifted' range, that's just not the case. Blame it on a chronically distant mayor who has trouble laughing at himself, a group of (alleged) progressives who anointed a mentally-unfit celebrity as their king, overly persnickety residents, or whatever. Fame-whoring masquerading as leadership aside, overall city services scored somewhere between the A to B range, public transit scored a B (!), and public safety scored a B. With regard to Muni, the reports goes on to say, "62 percent of residents gave Muni favorable ratings for convenience of routes, but only 42 percent for safety, 39 percent for driver courtesy, 33 percent for timeliness and reliability, and 30 percent for cleanliness."