While trolling over in Sacramento this past weekend at the Democratic convention, Mayor Gavin Newsom, according to Matier et Ross, threw a $100,000 block party. Would you expect anything less? Anyway, the possible future governor of California spared little expense, featuring 1,500 reusable aluminum water bottles, embossed with Gavin's name; plenty of nibbles and booze; and a performance by (the notoriously prickly) Wyclef Jean. Even Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson made an cameo to declare the"next governor of California." (Booze? block party? hip hop? How very urban of you, Gavin.) The bill, M&R go on to report, was collected from sponsors such as AT&T, PG&E., the California Teachers Association, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 6, and Greentech California. In related news, Siebel doesn't seem to be showing yet.