Named after the duffel bag in which he was abandoned, "Duffy" was discovered by residents in Burlingame near the Embassy Suites at SFO on April 5. Although he was left there for more than eight hours, the cat is reportedly fine and ready for a loving, caring home. Humane society spokesman Scott Delucchi said, "We're assuming that whoever dumped the cat didn't know animal abandonment is illegal. (Another thing the unidentified animal abuser didn't know: that they will burn for eternity in the lower circles of hell.) If you would like to adopt "Duffy" (and who wouldn't?!) or any other pet who needs a safe home, please contact the Peninsula Humane Society at 650-340-7022. But remember, pets are neither accessories nor home accents. Please use caution before deciding to adopt. UPDATE: Duffy has been adopted. Yay! But, remember, there still plenty more fuzzy faces out there that need homes.