Here's our third giveaway for the SFIFF Sunday screenings at the Castro Theatre.

Email us (sfistevents @ with your full name, and please include "A Woman Under the Influence" in the subject heading. The fifth entrant who follows the directions will win a pair of tickets.


A Woman Under the Unfluence is one of John Cassavetes' most influential films, which set the stage for many of today’s family dramas and the contemporary independent film movement. The film also defined Gena Rowlands' career in her portrayal of an early 1970s housewife and mother beset by mental illness, which "echoes feminist accusations that many women were trapped in lives of claustrophobic domesticity." The print has been newly restored, and Gina Rowlands is expected to attend the screening.

A Woman Under the Influence // SFIFF // Castro Theatre (429 Castro St) // Sunday, April 26 at 5:45 p.m. // Buy tickets