by Moses Namkung

Sweaty, throbbing dance party until past 1:30am on a Monday night!? Maybe Italians do indeed do it better.

Last night at Mezzanine was a showcase of musical acts on the music label co-headed by Mike Simonetti and keyboardist/producer Johnny Jewel, who also performs in the Chromatics, Glass Candy and Desire. Quite the multi-tasker. The latest project, the brand spankin' new Desire, opened with a very nice set; Twisted Wires wasn't really our cup of tea.

Halfway into their performance, Glass Candy singer Ida No, clad in her best GummiBurst costume, told the crowd: "The future is about balance!" *cheers from the masses* "Cause you all dance so nicely!" Uh, don't understand. But whatever, thanks for the compliment!

We loved B/E/A/T/B/O/X and it, along with the rest of GC's oeuvre, generally translated splendidly live. The Italo Disco revivalist duo thumped fatty synth beats that had dancers gleefully mashing flesh in unison.