Do you remember the Ingleside Racetrack? Since it was in operation for a paltry ten years from 1895 to 1905, probably not. According to the Ingleside Terraces Homes Association's website the track was built out of infamous San Francisco dissatisfaction.

Ingleside Terraces was the site of the one mile oval Ingleside Track where horses raced, with the present Urbano Drive following its course. The story of the development of Ingleside Race Track is a tale in itself -- a story of one Ed Corrigan and his friends, who were not satisfied with the way things were run at the Bay District Track, and, as the Pacific Coast Jockey Club, built a track of their own with bandstand, stables, club house -- everything a race track needed to compete. [Betty Carman, 1968]

Then, after helping lodge patients from Laguna Honda hospital and serving as a camp for refugees after that little known quake of 1906, the race track closed

While a gaggle of houses now stand where much of the track used to be, in 1913 the Sun Dial Park opened, featuring this gorgeous, still-working dial, with a gnomon measuring 28'4" long.

Local photographer BerDerp captured these images of the Ingleside landmark. Enjoy.