It's been over two weeks since Current TV reporters Laura Ling and Euna Lee were arrested at the North Korean border. The two journalist sit in jail, waiting to be tried for "hostile acts" against the Communist country. They could each receive up to 10 years in jail of hard labor, or worse.

How is Current TV dealing with this, you ask? Your guess is as good as ours.

SF Chronicle's Phil Bronstein asks, "Where is Mr. Gore, Nobel winner and formerly the second most powerful person in the world in all this? How about anything from SF-based Current TV, say maybe even just a public expression of concern?" Even doing a search on Current TV for "North Korea" reveals nothing. According to Gawker, they've been "censoring" their stories since the news broke. Which: strange.

So, why the tight lips and unreturned calls? Has Current TV reached some sort of deal with North Korea? Is this some version of playing it safe? Will Ling and Lee play an critical part in next year's North Korea Games? Or has... yeah, what's the deal here?

UPDATE: Jim Herd at SF Citizen has a different take on the matter. He says that "[t]hey’re not really 'censoring' in the literal sense of course, they’re suppressing all commentary about this case on their own site. That’s probably a good move." He goes on to say, "All will be explained by all concerned when this matter gets resolved."

We envy Herd's trust of authority. Let's hope he's correct.