Good news, San Francisco. You can take longer showers. Why? According to this somewhat questionable survey by, we are the lest wasteful people in the U.S., one of the most wasteful countries on the planet.

Here's the top ten list of the least wasteful/most smug cities in the U.S.

1 San Francisco, CA
2 New York City, NY
3 Portland, OR
4 Seattle, WA
5 Los Angeles, CA
6 Denver, CO
7 Minneapolis, MN
8 Washington, D.C.
9 Boston, MA
10 Philadelphia, PA

The study surveyed a total 3,750 people, polling people on on waste, sustainability efforts, shopping habits, transportation, and reusing. The results gave particular attention to "behaviors that had immediate and significant impact on the planet" (i.e., reduced driving, recycling or reducing trash) and small habits that "suggest a non-wasteful approach to life" (i.e., reusing containers, limiting shower time [do NOT do this] or reusing paper products).