SF Bay Guardian City Editor Steven T. Jones has us all aflutter. According to his Twitter messages, something big will go down in tomorrow's issue of SFBG. Something real big. He wrote the following two curiosity-inducing messages today.

"SFscribe I can't wait to see what the fallout is from tomorrow's Bay Guardian. Check it out."


"SFscribe Strange happenings at the Bay Guardian these days. Read tomorrow's paper for some surprising news."


Also, in a strange coincidence, tomorrow, April 1, is April Fools' Day. So, is this a real news announcement? Or could this be a tease for an April Fools' gag? Tomfoolery or not, we're dying to get our hands on tomorrow's issue. Until then, let us guess on what the news will be.

After the jump, take our poll and place your bets.