Alas, it has arrived. Today is the deadline for the Chronicle buyout. If the ailing publication can't get rid of 150 jobs by 5 p.m., the paper will start layoffs next month. A slew of noted journalists (surprisingly?) opted for the buyout. SFist's favorite book sniffer and City Bright, Frances Dinkelspiel, has the official word on just who on the editorial staff took management's buyout offer of up to one year's pay, plus health insurance.

Joel Selvin (music)
Carl Hall (science reporter)
Tom Meyer (editorial cartoonist)
Zachary Coile (Washington D.C. bureau reporter)
Nancy Gay (sports)
Jesse Hamlin, Edward Guthmann, and Heidi Benson (culture writers)
Sabin Russell (science)
Alison Biggar, (editor, Chronicle Magazine)
Sylvia Rubin (fashion)
Bernadette Tansey (biotech reporter)