We've always heard about this elusive casual carpool that many East Bayers utilize to get them across the bridge every day. It sounds like an adventure to us, and a little scary, like the carpool driver who got carjacked a while back. Luckily she was able to jump out and get help. There's also the rather amusing story from a male friend of a friend who rode in the back seat of a casual carpool, next to the female driver's laundry basket of dirty underthings. He was titillated to say the least, and we have to wonder if this was the driver's desired effect. SFist Rita also documented some hilarious casual carpool happenings back in '05. We'd love to hear more such stories, so tell us in the comments! And check out Evany on Twitter (friend of SFist commenter AngryBat) for her daily Casual Carpool Dispatches!