by Moses Namkung

Random music musings to start off the week: of all the days of the week, does Saturday have the best songs about it (Sam Cooke, Chicago, the Cure, Elton, Bowie)? If so, does Monday come in second (Mamas and the Papas, New Order, the Bangles, Duran^2, the Carpenters, Wilco, and yes, the Boomtown Rats)?

Anyhoo. With SXSW over, life in the music world can finally get back to business as usual. As for the world of Bay Area music? We've been digging The Tallest Man On Earth's record and he is playing Wednesday at Rickshaw Stop. Just in case you were wondering, the Tallest Man is not actually all that tall: "if there are three billion men in the world, this guy is probably the 2,145,799,276th tallest. He's kind of short."

Select list of shows around the city, after the jump...