March 17, 2009 will go down in the history books, and Ryan Seacrest will be looked back on as the Woodward/Bernstein of our time. See, the American Idol host blew the lid off of one Gavin Newsom's biggest secrets yesterday. While on his Golden State tour, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's finally --finally! -- revealed his haircare product of choice on on KIIS-FM (102.7).

Michael Finnegan of the Los Angeles Times describes how the walnut was cracked.

Gavin Newsom may be running for governor of California, but "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest had something else in mind during his Tuesday morning radio chat with the San Francisco mayor: "What is that product that you put in your slick, shiny hair?"

"L'Oreal," Newsom responded. "And it's the Clean Gel. It's the Total Control Clean Gel, because they've got seven or eight products, and the other ones don't work."

OK, maybe this news is already out there. But still, a mystery solved on our end.

Also, L'Oreal? You might as well use LA Looks, Gavin. We had you pegged you as a Bumble & Bumble or American Crew type. What's next, finding out you shampoo with Prell?